″Gale LaJoye seems to defy gravity in a silent performance of poetic beauty and humor.″ more

- Chicago Theatre Review, Chicago IL

″LaJoye is an expert clown, a la Charlie Chaplin's Little Tramp.″ more

- Chicago Reader, Chicago IL

″LaJoye --- is undeniably a master of the craft.″ more

- Pioneer Press, St Paul MN

″Children's Theatre Company's 'Snowflake' has staying power.″ more

- Star Tribune, Mpls. MN

″Brilliant clown transforms garbage into sad, stunning tale of homelessness.″ more

- The Winnipeg Free Press

″This is the best you'll see anywhere.″ more

- Canadian Broadcasting Company Review

″Snowflake creates human-scale magic.″ more

- Edmonton Journal

″Astonishing… a theatrical trip well worth taking.″

- The Courier Mail, Australia

″What makes this production so special is the impeccable performance instincts of LaJoye.″

- The Vancouver Sun, Canada

″No words are uttered in Snowflake… but the sounds of joy are immense.″

- Richmond Times-Dispatch, USA

″LaJoye's performance is a must-see.″

- The Columbian, USA

″One of America's finest.″

- Asahi Evening News, Japan

″Snowflake can hold the attention of everyone from toddlers to grandparents.″

- The Herald, Scotland

″Snowflake is surely the most poignant… ever seen.″

- The Scotsman, Scotland


″LaJoye displays masterful timing and nuance″ more

- Twin Cities Daily Planet

″LaJoye does not portray Snowflake; he is Snowflake″

- Talkin' Broadway

″Actor Gale LaJoye moves with grace and style. His training as a clown is apparent, and his balance is amazing...It was breathtaking.″ more

- Play Off the Page

″ makes you think. It makes you laugh. It makes you thankful.″ more

- MinneMama Adventures


WCCO Interview

Kare 11 News Interview


″Silent stage show 'Snowflake' bows at Children's Theatre in Minneapolis.″ more

- Star Tribune, Mpls. MN

″Gale LaJoye wordless one-man show has a lot to say about humanity.″ more

- Ventura Country Star

″'Snowflake' will delight children and adults alike.″ more

- Citizen Journal, St Louis, USA

″LaJoye to the world.″ more

- Star Tribune Review