Snowflake Review October 3, 2003

CBC Announcers – Robert Enright and Terry Mcleod

Terry McLeod: Now, tell us about Snowflake.

Robert Enright: This is the best you'll see anywhere. This performance is impeccable, it is so effortless, and it is really about the way in which the imagination can transform the simplest thing into things of wonder. So what he does with every single object and every action he does on stage for an hour - a wordless performance with a wonderful soundscape that he uses entirely, is to absolutely mesmerize the audience. These kids who - a lot of them pretty young - sat entranced by this performance, and it lasted for an hour, and you have no idea that much time has gone by. About his ski ballet… it is so beautiful to watch what he does on these skis on that stage, you just, you can't believe he's so good at it. And what's amazing is that it's so effortless, that you… that the skill that goes into this kind of performance, he's been working on this since 1990 when he first wrote this play, so he's been doing it for 13 years, and it shows. This is a great piece of theatre and you just simply won't see anything better anywhere.

Terry McLeod: Now they have recommended it for grades 2 through 7, it sounds like you would say that adults would enjoy this as well.

Robert Enright: I figure that anybody from the age of 5 to 105 would be crazy not to see this play. You want to be careful about throwing words around like genius, but this is just the best and LaJoye is impeccable - His timing is unbelievable. There is one moment where he blows a feather into the air, he walks away from the feather, he sits down and reads a newspaper, the feather is slowly falling to the ground, suddenly he casually lays himself across a skateboard, pushes off with his feet, shoots across the stage and just as the feather is about to hit the ground he blows it into the air again. And the whole piece is about that kind of impeccable timing, and that kind of magic out of simple things. This is a great piece of theatre… I'm going to see it at least one more time.